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Skinny Fat? Maybe you should strength train more!

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Plant firmly in your head the fact that the problem is not excess fat; fat is only the outermost symptom. The real problem is the lack of Fat- burning muscle underneath the fat. As muscle gives way to fat, not only does muscle decrease, thereby lessening the need for calories, but also the chemistry of the remaining muscle changes in such a way as to require fewer calories.

Dieting may decrease fat, but it cannot increase the amount of muscle or reverse the badly altered chemistry of the muscles. Additionally, dieting does nothing to improve the body shape. If a person was fat and a pear shaped before a diet, they will be skinny and a pear shaped afterward. Furthermore, your situation might actually worse; radical dieting, unbalanced dieting shots, liquid diets and fasting have been shown to decrease muscle mass while a person loses weight.

We have developed such a mania for losing weight that we overlook what the lost weight consists of. Suppose I were to call you on your cell with the exciting news that the local supermarket was selling twelve pounds for only $5.99! Your reaction would be, “Twelve pounds of what? Well, that’s what I ask when someone tells me of a terrific diet that guarantees you will lose twelve pounds in 10 weeks, or no time at all- twelve pounds of what? Unfortunately, while losing fat, you may also lose muscle, which decreases the need for calories and makes the problem worse. (Skinny-fat)

All of us think of someone we know who has gone on a diet only to end up looking gaunt and haggard. Compare over-eaters and under eaters to many people who have exercised their bodies to low fat levels. They are full-bodied, healthy individuals who lead active lives without being constantly concerned about the number of calories they eat. Exercise increases muscle, tones it alters its chemistry and increases the metabolic rate. All of these effects mean that you burn more calories even when you’re asleep. GO WORKOUT NOW!

By Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES

Fitness Consultant, Video workout monogramming, Strength, 90- day nutrition transformation download.