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Is What You’re Doing Real or Well-imagined?

By November 18, 2015December 2nd, 2023No Comments


How many times have you been bombarded with insane infomercials? Have you ever asked a question on Facebook, and get 15 opinions of what someone else is emotionally attached to? Not the TRUTH just an attachment based on someone’s perception right? Your friend tells you to do this or that, because they have great genetics., or their gym trainer says so! Subjective opinions seems to be as easy as a food binge these days, or grabbing a burger at a drive up window. We are media brainwashed into thinking there are six pack shortcuts or a beast within. Read any social media platform a selfie ridden smorgasbord of hot guys, and girls with a side note that says SHREDZ…what a crock of Sh__! This is so subjective it’s comical! These companies are also paying high commissions to the models that post these fictitious claims. Did you know the FDA does not regulate any supplement, and over 70% of all supplements are not what they claim to be. Some create heart palpitations, headaches, dizziness, and a shaky feeling. Some will give you a better pump but at what cost? I know many guys in their early 30’s that have ED after taking workout drinks, and powders. The incredible Mr. Limpet? They have combined these heavily marketed, promise to be jacked products with caffeine, which they already contain, and other vasodilators. The CNS (central nervous system) becomes overloaded and will lead to many long term complications. Why do bodybuilders think they need so much protein? Why don’t they have a new commercial by the American diabetics association that says “GOT INSULIN?! It seems to be taken by non insulin dependent bodybuilders daily anyway. It it what they were told? Did they see it on a bodybuilding website? I know they did not read it from a reputable source like Harvard, or Journal of American Medicine. (JAMA) Regardless I am going to debunk the MYTHS and stop wasting you time, and start saving you $$$$. I just want you to be happy, healthy, and have a decent in shape- tight body! I can do this for you!

I totally understand your frustration, and willingness to learn quickly!

Your consultant, trainer, teacher, educator…call me what you wish! Come join the club.

Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES FMFC FPTA MES CPT where you feel the burn as you learn!