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Oh no Cellulite!

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Cellulite is a commercial term, is not a medical term, known as that so called unappealing look upon the skin, that we have a rippling effect of fat cells protruding out through the connective tissues. And there are so many reasons for that. So we can’t just deal with it as a cosmetic sense, where you go to the store, and we buy these creams and cleansers, or these abrasion brushes and we try to break it apart and try to get it metabolized. What has happened is that genetically you lost the ability for the outer part of the connective tissue to maintain that fat cell. And now all the fat is pushing on the superficial aspect of the epidermis, which is the outer portion of the skin. So, is there a way of dealing with it? Absolutely. We can somehow shrink that fat cell, but, shrinking fat cells means that we need to burn extra calories. We want to take that fat cell and metabolize it to blood sugar. That’s what we call fat burning. So in our bodies there is no burning sensation occurring even though we have 20 plus years of videotapes, DVDs, telling you that that burning sensation you’re feeling when you’re doing that leg lift, when you do that ab toning exercise, that’s fat metabolizing. You can’t feel fat metabolizing, melting, or reducing. That takes a period of time, anywhere between 15-20 minutes. This is the reason why I don’t advocate the concept of spot reduction, because we can’t bio mechanically take this fat cell and drip it down in terms of a simple blood sugar. We can’t reduce by doing certain exercises.






HOWEVER we can take away that appearance of the cellulite type materials. So, it takes a period of time, however, like anything else, it can be done, it just takes will power, and takes a very good regimen and exercise program to burn those calories as well as a modified dietary intake. We have the pear shape, or the apple, and I have seen amazing results from my 90-day plan. People who have body fat distributions around the hips, and the thighs and the buttox . In terms of just appearance concern though, if we have body fat specifically in those areas and we’re trying what we can to rid ourselves from that area it’s not happening, then there’s always the option of cosmetic surgery, maybe through liposuction. However, again, I think with any really good board certified dermatologist, professional trainer, or plastic surgeon they’re going to advocate that you try to work on those areas through exercise and through modified dietary type intakes of basic food routines before you’re actually opt for liposuction. But it can be done, but yeah it takes a lot of discipline for you to do so.

I can design a specific 90- day plan to follow to reduce the appearance of this unwanted skin. It is combined with the right amount of exercise as well.

Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES