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Get in Shape Get the edge, become part of the Fix my Fitness Club community?

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My company for 30 years , and

The difference between me and them?

I PROMISE no hype. I promise the most advanced application (exercises) pertaining to specific regions (legs,triceps) in the body. I PROMISE to speak slowly to allow for a better understanding. I am your trainer, and think about this please… If you pay, or are thinking about paying a trainer $60,$70, $80.00 per hour a few time per week, that’s cool! OR is it? Is it working, or is it stressing your frustration? Why are you still asking questions on social media posts? If they were explained properly, you would not be on this site!! Ha! Got you! I still love ya! is REAL SCIENCE not gym talk. It has no shades of gray, and wont harm you!

You have two choices

1- Hire me for $100.00 to $125.00 per 50 minutes…OR

2- Let me show you the same programming weekly, along with cooking classes, blogs, and endless information for $19.00 per month!

Procrastination says..let me think about it!

The proactive achiever understand the value, and has already left this page to LEARN AND BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY!

See you on the other side!! I am dedicated to your new body, mind, and spirit! I thank you, and I PROMISE to deliver and DE-bunk the garbage, and eliminate your frustration. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

Dave Parise