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How Important are YOU? #DaveParise #FitnessFixer

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Our lives present us with struggles daily. Challenges. Mountains that need climbing. Sometimes they are small hills that seem to be just an annoyance to surmount. Others cast such a shadow over our lives that they seem impossible to rise above. Our success lies not only in our ability to overcome those impossibilities, but in the faith in ourselves to do so.

Sometimes we avoid the mountain. We talk about it. We think about it. We complain about it. But ultimately when it comes time to stand before it, we have an excuse as to why today isn’t the best day to climb. Our fear of failing conquers us. We recede once more, defeated and complacent. Tomorrow will be better, because of course, there’s always a tomorrow after today.

We must ask ourselves when the apathy for untapped potential first manifested. Then we need to clarify what that potential is. Without it, the fear of failing is nothing but acceptance of inadequacy. What is missing? What do you really want? Who is it you want to be? Can you envision the utopian version of yourself? How is he or she different from you now? What would it take to get you there? What’s stopping you?

Let’s look at the basic goal of fat loss. If you’re here reading this article, you’ve already taken the first step in a workout regimen. I congratulate you. You’re not only doing better than 80% of the population who wishes the same things for themselves that you do, but you’re also investing in yourself, the one and only thing you truly own. But maybe that’s where you went wrong… You stopped half way through your walk. Yes, making an investment and showing up for a workout three times a week may be enough to shock the body into some change physically. Although internally you’re getting much healthier, let’s admit that in most cases you actually really became involved in this program to see changes externally. So although I commend you for taking the first step, don’t expect too much praise for doing the easy part.

Again let’s get real… Food. That’s what’s stopping you. You have failed to commit to yourself based on something that “feels” rewarding instead of something that actually is rewarding you. Your day was hard, so you mask it with the reward of just one cookie. It’s not so bad. You deserve it. You’re entitled to it. You even worked out today, so you really should have this cookie. I hear people who work so hard complain about how unemployment check go from those with financial security to those who are “entitled” to collect. Does that mean that people with flat stomachs do enough working out that overweight people are entitled to have the cookie? Think about it… Rich individuals became rich for a reason, just like fit people look fit for a reason.

And before we exit this topic, why do you NEED that cookie? “No you don’t get it, I have to have my ice cream.” I hear this coming out of 40 year olds mouths and wonder if they are confused why I am looking at them like they are 5 year olds. Kids need cookies and ice cream. 40 year olds need responsibility to themselves and their children, which means taking care of their bodies so that they can take care of those very same children who are getting the ice cream. Don’t become defensive and say that you’re diet isn’t all that bad. As I’ve said before, not all that bad isn’t all that great either. Likewise, eating healthy and eating for fat loss are two totally different things.

Ultimately I need you to pick. Choose which is more important in your life. Losing weight, or ice cream? You don’t have to eat like a fitness model unless you want to look like one. But if you want to look different than how you do now, you need to eat different than how you do now. 99% of life is what you make of it, or what you allow yourself to be made around you. You are who you present yourself to the world. If you want change, grab it. Take it daily. Challenge yourself. Prove to yourself that you’re worth a little effort. Unlock the potential, if this is the potential you are seeking to unlock. It will take work, but to gain mean to give up, and nothing that has ever come easy is worth keeping (like that notch on your belt). Is it so bad to become comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Here’s quick start check list to get you started in the right direction:

-Are you eating more than 3 meals a day?

-How much water are you drinking? Once you realize that it’s not enough, try and shoot for half your body weight in ounces.

-Take a rough count of your protein per day. Is it over 100 grams? Do yourself a favor and don’t count any protein coming from cheese, nuts, milk, or grains.

-Dinner is the most important meal of the fat loss day. It should be high in protein, have too many vegetables, and free of carbohydrates. In most cases this change alone is enough to make people see a significant change in their body.

If you’ve really read this and are interested in seeing a change and understanding more about altering your body, then you will have questions from the topics I’ve purposefully just skimmed in this article. When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting to answer those questions and help anyone with finding the right fit for their lifestyle. Email me right here, if your a member I will answer you questions! I will invest my time in you if you in return invest it in yourself.

The truth hurts, but heals in the long run…

Dave Parise CPT MES FPTA #Fitnessfixer #daveparise #fixmyfitnessclub