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Side Bends? Yes it does lol

By January 12, 2016February 11th, 2024No Comments

Ok I am not trying to use sarcasm- well I may be subconsciously using a bit of WT_ are you doing side bends for? I can bet next week’s powerball a billion times that you are not strengthening the obliques or losing any adipose tissue by performing this ridiculous waste of time move. The obliques are a pair of thin, superficial muscles that lie on the sides of the ab region. The obliques do laterally bend, and rotate HOWEVER the resistance profile of holding a weight, dumbbell, or any load has no opposition based on fiber direction. YOU ARE JUST BENDING! Do you remember stick twists? The broomstick on your upper shoulders as you rotate side to side. What were we thinking when we rotated? I have to lose this waist! These moves were all created based on an emotional attachment. I feel it so it must be so! NO! Let go of these illusions and you will be able to have more time performing the How-Tos!

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