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Abs and V-ups

By January 4, 2016February 11th, 2024No Comments

I needed you to understand without scaring you the implications of training abs in this useless, totally sensation based exercise. I get it, you see it everywhere you train. Like a virus unseen V-ups spread by a pre-conceived notion your training abs. The uneducated coach, trainer, and high school athlete will show this to everyone! It gains popularity from the internal wish to have abs or a flat stomach. They mean six pack abs, not realizing the stomach never shows unless someone rips your guts out. Bad visual, however I hold nothing back! I will not waste you time, like they do on the biggest loser! Please don’t get me started about reality TV. Thanks for joining the club, contact me if you want anything personally designed just for you! From cosmetic-to rehab I will get it done for you!