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Four Point Core

By January 23, 2017February 11th, 2024No Comments

There are so many way to train core. We train core so that any force that originates into our body, can handle that force through our kinetic chain. (Entire structure) Without a reasonably strong core we crumble and forces now like a shotgun effect trickle through the body and emanate out a weak link. We don’t know our weak link until it’s too late. If you hear a trainer or coach say “Let’s strengthen your core by doing abs, low back, glutes, obliques, crunches, leg lifts, or any other superficial “outer” muscles…then please understand your trainer sucks. Opps I can’t erase with this new program….I am sorry…he/she have not continued their education and believe in the proverbial; “Gym Science”

If you bite an apple on all four sides…you just took off all the above…now look at the apple- you are now left with the core. All things intersegmental, and deep…not superficial. Try this one move as seen in my video and you will engage many muscles responsible for core strength.WAKE THEM UP!