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Fat-Burning Fillers with 2 Ropes – Gym Based

By January 27, 2016February 11th, 2024No Comments

What do you do after a set of Lat Pulls? Talk to a friend? NOPE! Look at that Girl? NO!!! Gaze at the buff guy who looks like Michael Bubl’e OK !!! lol However as fast as possible sprint to the section where you find the ropes, and go to battle! Then take your jump rope and jump 25-50 times…stop and walk until you catch your wind. Then back to the strength move. Is this HITT? NOPE its MIT medium intensity training. MIT which I have coined the word will be the next recommendation in the fitness industry. Clinical studies have found long term sustainability with MIT regards to utilizing FAT AS A SUBSTRATE (fuel) The EPOC (Exercise post oxygen consumption) lasts longer. = long after the workout your body keeps burning!