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Deadlift or spine lift

By January 21, 2017February 11th, 2024No Comments

The deadlift is a sport, along with Bench Press, Squats, and many other olympic lifts.Every move we know today had to be born, invented somewhere by someone. Do you think before the Deadlift someone said “Hey guys people are going to lift with tier backs, ruin their spines, and collapse their shoulder blades. NO I think not…its all part of trial and error, evolution, technology based on equipment. It was and still is a macho way to make noise and attract attention in the gym. Holy shit that dude just pulled 600lbs!! I am the guy in the background saying “Pulled it with what”? Now we breakdown that one lift, and go internal. We discovery the firing patterns, and degrees of active safe ranges and find its not as deep as we invented the deadlift. e also realize that out of that 110 to 180 degree range is nothing more than disproportionate forces trickling or originating around our weak links. (The human link and support system varies from individual to individual) HOWEVER the 110 and 180 does not…it remains the same. When you step out of that 110 to 180 as you see/learn in the video, its nothing more than “I hope I can maintain congruency and not accumulate forces which lead to major pain. Remember when you saw your first deadlift. The plates on the ground…squat down…hands palms down, or alternate the grip…lift, stand, rock back at top. How do you know that was correct, based on science, and biomechanics? You did not…you based it on a visual, a sensation, a macho move, a feeling, and athletic inclination. Remember we go to the ground for the RULES of a sport…just like the squat…you go down, referee stands and watches your deceleration/ depth…give you the cue that you reached the depth for the sport, than back up…and they only need to do one rep to win.