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My Egg white quest is the best!

By January 12, 2016February 11th, 2024No Comments

Im looking for a rhyme this time for egg whites and oats. I beg this meal won’t make you bloat. Without being too vague I will say this egg of oats promotes a integral part of your day. But seriously take this idea and run with it! I may suggest to add a little salsa to make the eggs dance, or unsweetened apple sauce. I like to cut it like a pizza and add a little tomato sauce. I will save a slice for a snack once at work. These are quick healthy ways to transform your physique. I would like you to please be open to some of my ideas regards to cooking. I have been creating meal ideas for 30 years! I have fooled the greatest chefs…no joke! The last time I made this Omelet of oats, I used an organic gluten free maple syrup. The chef at a 5-star restaurant asked me for the pancake recipe! This breakfast (Meal 1) idea can also be a quick pre workout snack. Enjoy and thanks for taking the time in your busy day to visit Remember to post in our on-line forums, and messege boards. Please ad your profile Pic and update your profile…THANKS!