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Yo Yo Dieting: Why do we gain the weight back?

By February 8, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

Let’s say you go on a no carbohydrate diet. Or better yet- you try some 21 day diet, or a liquid diet. You first lower your calories, and continue to workout. You are now in a caloric deficit right? That means you are burning, more than you are eating…OR you are eating less, so you have not mush to burn. Lets say you are taking in less than 1200 Kcals as a female, and 1500 Kcals or less as a male. Did you know that is what we call a Burn rate. The body must have those numbers 1200 (F) 1500 (M) just to survive. The entire metabolic processes responsible for beating of the heart, brain fuel, and the entire respiratory system. You now have lost 5-6 lbs your first week. 3-5 your second, and 3 your third, 2 lbs your fourth week, and BAM! Plagued with a plateau…now what do you do? A post on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yea that will work. After the subjective opinions of what worked for someone else, you decide to lower your calories more. Now you feel lethargic, and want to put your boss in a headlock! Screw this give me a muffin, or a piece of pizza! YUMMY addiction and a spiral of events that make you gain all the weight back in half the time it took to lose it! WELCOME to YO-YO dieting.

Let’s embark on the geek talk-

Fat removal for storage and fat removal for use, are simultaneous and ongoing, but research suggests that, once stimulated, the LPL enzyme (LipoProtein Lipase) does not quickly revert back to a normal state. As a result, people who have been yo-yo dieting for years lose weight with greater and greater difficulty and gain it with greater ease. As your #FitnessFixer at fix my fitness club it is vital for you to discuss with me your diet history so that you can identify if in fact you are the yo-yo dieter. The yo-yo dieter must understand that for him/her fat loss, at least initially, will take time, more time than it would someone in the same shape but with no history of yo-yo dieting. Before he/she can lose fat efficiently, he/she must first reverse the LPL stimulation effected by his yo-yo dieting. (could take 3-4 months)

So think about this as you are looking for the “new diet” lol

NEW DIET PLEASE! Its like saying you’re looking for an exercise that cuts (defines) the muscle…all muscles are striated, there just covered in a layer of laziness! (and late night snack attacks) wash board abs? yea right…covered by a layer of cloths!!

I tell the truth so you have less to deal with!

Decide what you want…I can do an eating pattern for you that wont make you starve, or deprive yourself. I can do a workout video for you simple safe, and optimal. Do you want me to help you? 1- if your only watching the Why-Nots…you only know what you know. If you are willing to reach the next level call me, or at least don’t wait for lightning to strike, join the club! #fitnessfixer #daveparise