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Workout Tips, Training Tips, Meal Plans

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Training Tip & Eating Plan #1

For Fix my Fitness club members who train 5-6 days per week.

Continue strength training 5-6 days per week, implanting each body part / region 2x per week, without sacrificing the form. This means if you train back on a Monday, you will train it again on a Thursday. I want you to focus on circuit training as much as possible to avoid any lag time between sets. Please do my fillers as you saw in my past videos right here on Fix My Fitness Club. Post workout, have a protein shake of your choice with coconut water. This means as you are walking out the gym- you have a blender bottle with 2- scoops- 1- packet of protein. I would like you to add the coconut water to the blender bottle and shake 30 times. Drink! If possible, take a BCAA supplements, or L- Glutamine as directed on bottle to aid in recovery. L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscle. Over 60% of your muscle skeletal is Glutamine. Proper nitrogen balance is essential for maintaining as well as repairing muscle after an intense workout. Call it volumizing or anti-catabolism, as it supports new muscle growth. If you’re trying to trim down in the summer, L-Glutamine is essential for losing body fat, while saving the muscle you currently have on your body.

Now you back at the office or home? -Eat a meal within an hour or so after this.


Your primary source of cardio should be first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Shoot for a SUPER LIGHT JOG! Or an I’m in a hurry “urgency walk” Or if you have the time something of medium intensity for about 40 minutes. Coffee before hand is fine, but no food or shakes.
Here’s where it all comes into play. This decides whether or not you really want this.

I design full body home or Gym based workouts- 25 minutes to 1.5 hours. You can retain these is fix my fitness club store. This is more personal so you need to email me, and I will call you. However here is a sample specific to goal needs and objectives for a general “I want to be health and fit. as I lose some body fat.

Meal 1: ½ to 1 cup or gluten free “red mill brand” oatmeal (unflavored quick oats) with scoop vanilla protein powder. You can add cinnamon, and ground fax powder optional.

Meal 2: Large Apple or hard to peel greenish banana

Meal 3: ¾ cup of brown rice, seasoned with all spice, or and salt free seasoning. Paired with grilled chicken breast or turkey tenderloins 4 ounces female- 6-ounces male.

Meal 4: Handful raw almonds, (12) with a large cucumber optional

Meal 5: Chicken breast 4-6 ounces (see above male female) or Turkey tenderloins (or turkey burger), or lean flank steak or 4-6- ounce as above recommendation. Have a large portion of green vegetables (no corn or peas)broccoli florets or roasted cauliflower Best bet is slightly streamed asparagus because it’s a natural diuretic.

Or choose a meal from eat great in eight in our cooking section.

Very Important: Drink water… like it’s going out of style. Better yet, like it’s your job. Please drink no less than 90 ounces per day regardless of your goals, size, etc…

I hope this helps #Fitnessfixer #Daveparise cooking tips meal plans

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