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The definition of excuse:

By March 24, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

Everybody wants a strategy to lose weight or be fit. We tell ourselves a story over and over again why we can’t lose weight or start something new. Change is scary right? Let go of the story or your scotoma and once you believe your story or excuse its manifest.
Believe it because your eyes see the change, but your mind won’t let you perceive the change. Why? You keep telling yourself the story over and over again, a belief- and you didn’t want to make yourself a liar with yourself so you get stuck in a blind spot. It’s too much money, not enough time,I blame my schedule, can’t stay focused. These are just subconscious “feel good goal blocks” I will tell you the key to getting off your ass and taking control of your life.Your career, your business, your joy, happiness, relationships, all are a direct result of you. If you believe you have no control to change it, and you’re helpless, that’s when you will suffer. If your doing great in some areas of your life then celebrate! Life doesn’t match your imagined blueprint. Just change your blueprint and become fulfilled, you are not helpless. I too have been locked into a specific mindset for over a year. I can’t blame someone, or something. The disappointment and sometimes anger inside is like drinking poison hoping your enemy will die. Not happening- so think about it…are you looking to blame someone for your misfortune and helplessness ,so you don’t have to blame yourself? Because when you’re angry you don’t feel so helpless right? You feel a fake strength, and for the moment you can breath again. Real choices are simple you say your health and body is not there- then go workout and eat better! Your relationship sucks get out of it, or change it! You’re in a financial hole? Get out there and start a business you don’t need money, you need passion and a proactive mind! Do something to change your life...and if you can’t- then change your expectations or blueprint. If you can let go of your excuses, anger, blame you will have an opportunity for a new game. If you blame it leads to pain. The last statement is the most important if you change your life physically, your mental state will also change. Figure out what your life blueprint is…not what you think it should be to be happy. Thanks for reading.