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By March 30, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

Dear- Friends and Fix My Fitness Club Members- want to be my partner?

I now have a plug-in affiliate platform. I am offering all members a profit sharing program. To define profit- All revenue from every member every month is PROFIT.

I currently have 500 members in less than 4 months. I continue to post real life no nonsense, no hype exercises, and meal planning to help people with any fitness goal. I educate people for $19.00 per month- I would like to offer you $8.00 per month for every member who joins

I am involved with many projects, and want a team of fitness enthusiastic people who understand the value of true exercise programming. I can talk to you personally to confirm my personified monthly fee to you! Lets do the math- you post on Social media platforms, or contact universities, training centers, etc…20 people join per month, you make $1920.00 per year, or a deposit right to your account of $160.00 per month. If 165 join in the course of a year you make $15,840.00 annually. Lets build a TEAM of educators that believe in the TRUTH about exercise! Are you in? Text me @ 203-675-5575 partner!