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Take your hand right now and put it straight out in front of you, pronated (palm down, spill the soup) and extend it back (bring fingers towards you). Notice how far your range was in the wrist joint? The wrist only has 60-70 degrees in extension. However, during a push-up (on the floor position) you wrench it to 85-90 degrees, which will create dysfunction over time. The wrist joint is very complex, and due to its complexity, wrist injuries and dysfunctions (you do not see) are difficult to treat. Also, if your hands are in front of the shoulder joints you will migrate to a protracted shoulder girdle with forward head posture. Remember a push-up is a plank right? A push-up although is bottom of the barrel chest developer, has its benefits if done correctly. If the head drops the body follows. The entire skeletal system MUST remain neutral. I will teach that to you!

Dave Parise #Fitnessfixer