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Look!! Someone actually designed this Anatomy Man, “this must work the horizontal fanned fibers of the pectoralis region”! Not! Do you understand we invented this exercise… someone lowered the pulleys… selected a weight, and did an awkward front raise… with a squeeze at the top! Do you feel the squeeze? This is another follow the leader move. It is predominantly anterior shoulder girdle muscles… just be a visionary and put dumbbells in your hand… it’s the same! Opposing forces are always pulling down. (Gravity) This is shoulder flexion concentrically. Here’s the facts about this particular exercise: Someone will stand facing away from the machine as if to perform a chest press. They have the client start in excessive shoulder extension (a stretch?) and perform what looks like a fly from the bottom pulley. Their hands come together at eye level, in a dysfunctional arc motion. This is nothing more than anterior shoulder muscles. (Front delts) Moreover, a front raise out of opposition creates internal rotation of the shoulder joint and acromioclavicular impingement. It is impossible to put stimulus in the chest region when you are not in horizontal shoulder adducted position. Is this wrong? No… this is what we see in the industry today, exercises based on a sensation, and a repetition range. On daily basis we see trainers applying loads across joints basing everything on a “feeling” or because they saw it demonstrated in a magazine, or on the internet. Just because you can, does not mean you should.

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