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Optimal movements- Key Points of the Inertia Wave

Awareness of your cervical and thoracic spine is a key factor in structure as you perform the 7- Methods. The ability to keep an athletic posture, not throwing the head forward into a protracted shoulder girdle. We don’t want to create some inhibition as we engage muscles on a global aspect.

  • Scapular ability, hips spine, ankle knee- these are the structural things needed to create optimal positions for the 7- methods of use. If your training different energy systems, you need to know that the 7- Methods of use have carry-over to all different disciplines all the time. The Inertia Wave trains mixed modality energy systems for other exercise modalities you participate in. There is a global anatomical conduction as you transition from one Method of use to the next. The specific demands or adaptations develop as you learn the transitions.
  • The Inertia Wave increases the aggregate level of all our skills. You are looking for an efficient motor pattern not a powerful motor pattern. (LET IT FLOW) You will soon find you are less winded in running, sprinting, jumping rope, skating, water skiing, along with all boot camp group type training programs. The Inertia Wave increase the technical proficiency to increase the skill sets of other movements.
  • The key to all superhuman physical demands is working on energy systems. There is what’s called resting compression in muscle bellies. During hard core weight training your heart needs to break through blockages of insane muscle tension. The Inertia Wave with its fluid oscillation decreases tension on the heart, as it engages all global musculature.We recommend you practice these 7- Methods to decrease cognitive stress. If I told you to just run, or walk across the field you don’t have to think do you? However, if I told you to take these three balls and juggle them, the coordination of that skill would be so much cognitive stress you would be fatigued very quickly. That does not mean your out of energy or not strong, it’s that you need to train cognitively hence one more benefit to the Inertia Wave. So, the more automated you can do the IW the better you can do it, than the less fatigue resistance it has- its less cognitive stress. The Inertia Wave is like doing structured skill work, hence will decrease the brain’s demand in the 2-3-minute workout. The more efficient the moves become, the better you’re with your breathing, the less byproducts are created, the less C02 needed to be blown off.
    • In regard to the muscle- the easier it gets, the stronger you become. We are helping your engine in all aspect of athleticism. Your potential will be at its highest if you train to do it properly. Skill work requires technique. We change direction, we live in constant stress. The Inertia Wave is skill work and perfecting that skill is the number one concern to obtain greater resultants then you could possibly imagine.

Dave Parise MES CPT FPTA