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The second you start the 7-Methods with the Inertia Wave your body automatically engages the posterior chain. This not only corrects postural imbalances, it will relieve tight protracted shoulder girdle. The Inertia Wave has a constant pull and pressure based on the elasticity of the elastomer. The pull is constantly challenging the posterior chain to stabilize you from the start. The body inertia you create by disrupting the tubes engages the deep stabilizers and core musculature. When utilizing the 7- methods it increases your metabolic control, energy levels which in turn challenge those systems need to do quick, reflex, intense, bursts of energy in short 3-minute window durations. By performing the 7- Methods segueing from one method to the next… cognitively challenges proprioceptors for greater balance giving you stronger proximal trunk stability. Battle Ropes have the environment to constantly lift and slam abruptly thus challenge the tissue tension end range of the muscles. The negative with Battling ropes is you need to engage outer muscles just to assist during the lift and slam. Over time Battle Rope training increases tissue tensions thus creating pain because your locked in one position the entire time. Inertia Wave touches on the quality of rhythm, as opposed to the battling ropes where you just muscle trough. The Inertia wave gives you the opportunity to relax more and focus on your breathing and positioning of your body in all planes of motion vs to muscle it up and down which is the case of many athletes.

Try the Inertia Wave if it’s not the most amazing Metabolic conditioning device /tool in your toolbox of training supplies today… Simply return it! Let someone else become SUPER-HUMAN!