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How often should you train?

By September 9, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

Well that depends on the type of training.

Here’s the main point – there is no 1 training frequency that works for everyone. Instead there is a broad range of optimum training frequency, much broader than most realize or acknowledge. Trying to train too frequently will likely result in sub-optimal performance and may end in overtraining and injury. Don’t base your training frequency on how often someone else is training. You must find your own optimum training frequency, despite how often anyone else trains. #daveparise

How frequently should you lift? The rate and magnitude of adaptation in the human species is very large, much larger than many realize or acknowledge. Some people improve a lot, some improve very little. Some people improve very rapidly… fully adapting to training in just 1 day – while others take many days to realize the benefits of a workout. Training too frequently or infrequently results in sub-optimal improvement, with too frequent training likely resulting in overtraining and/or injury. Each person must find their own individual optimal training frequency, despite what the optimal training frequency of any other person may be. We must try to learn optimal exercises that enhance one’s structure. I believe we can breakdown and lose all benefits, if we continue to think mainstream. How frequently should you lift? It’s not an easy question to answer, we all have to learn what works for us. The challenge is the guy next to you at the gym, your coach, the yoga instructor who turns personal trainer this weekend. We are so desperate to achieve greatness, we use the poster child who happened to get away with improper form as our guru. I am no expert…I just know that screw drivers are not hammers, dips do rip, Liquid wrench is not for your joints, Steroids are everywhere, you can’t twist, or bend fat off your waist, people are stubborn, Fat is not, we all pay for our mistakes, and we all forgive.

Dave Parise #seemynewpage