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Amino Acid washed jeans?

By September 9, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

The question is does the source of the protein change the way the body responds to it? The best answer I can give you to that is no, absolutely not. Because protein are digested in the gut and regardless of the source of the protein molecule which is as you know a great big tinkertool I made up of a bunch of amino acids. The amino acids are selectively cleaned off so it enters the bloodstream as an amino acid. And the Leucine that’s in the blood stream doesn’t know whether if it came from a protein in beef steak, protein in a carrot or protein in a piece of bread. It’s exactly the same thing. Question- are enzymes protein? True or false? True.. all the enzymes are. protein. The multitude of enzymes in the body are proteins. So when you go the health food store and buy an enzyme and eat it you’re wasting your money. Because the enzyme is broken down in the gut to its elemental amino acid and it enters the blood. Amino acids don’t reconfigure as that enzyme, they are put into the amino acid pool and turn over. So unless you inject something into the bloodstream, it has to go through the digestive process and carbohydrates are broken down into glucose… fats are broken into fatty acids… and proteins are broken into amino acids, those tiny building blocks. It doesn’t matter where the protein comes from, with this exception. Plant foods are incomplete proteins. Plants don’t have all the essential amino acids. Most animal foods are complete proteins, so if you don’t eat any animal food then you have to make sure that over the course of time you get a blend of all the essential amino acids. So grains and legumes for instance make a complete protein. I used to think that if you’re a strict vegetarian you had to eat the essential amino acids at exactly the same time. So you had to blend the food, but what the current evidence says is that it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter when you get the amino acids because we have pools that store these things. But if you don’t eat any animal food what so ever then you need to be cautious about making sure that you get all the essentials, as well as B12. On another note there are questions about whether soy is a complete protein. It probably is not, and has a little bit of deficiency… and because it comes from the legume family it certainly would be wise to include grains in the diet if you’re eating soy as well. Personally Grains, and soy are out of my diet along with dairy, and gluten. That’s just me! 🙂


Amino acid washed jeans would be cool….

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