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It’s all about the base

By January 12, 2016February 11th, 2024No Comments

It’s all about the base! Yep the platform to which force is exerted. I often challenge a client on a slightly soft surface. Please do not think stability training, that’s a joke! My client will get better at standing on this bench that is all. In regards to holding the foundation as she articulates gracefully, this is the goal at hand. Watch as I verbally cue different repetition ranges to enhance internal, and external structure that equates to overall functionality. What did i just say? She will have an awesome muscle hardening burn! It’s not what you do…it’s how you do it. Thanks for being here with me at the club. will change your frustration to a confident smile.

I am sorry I say Exercisebay @ the end…I am just a guy who makes mistakes!