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Hamstring Thrust & Lunge Combo

By February 3, 2016February 11th, 2024No Comments

Please do not get confused. You will watch a hamstring- thrust (heels on bench) right from the start. Then I will talk too much and show you a step back lunge. I want you to combo or pair these 2 moves one after another no rest!!! It’s a circuit of 2- moves…call it A & B…so it goes like this AB AB AB AB have a drink of water…you just did 8- sets non-stop! Always under control, and in regards to reps? How many can you do? 8,10,12? of each set, if you lack balance stay in one spot and just go up & down…don’t step back. If you feel a little stress, or pain…Only work in a pain free range of motion (you may not go as deep) …you are the boss!

Dave Parise