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Why is the INERTIA WAVE Metabolic conditioning system different from other training systems?
The INERTIA WAVE system is unlike any other training methods due to the oscillating wave-affect. For example, with other methods such as barbells, dumbbells, exercise tubing, machines, and kettlebells, gravity takes over as the weight goes back towards the ground. (Different energy system) During this time when gravity takes over, momentum is used which gives the body and mind a chance to relax. With the INERTIA WAVE training velocity is used and must be maintained by the end user (YOU) during the entire exercise1. Moreover, this forces the user to train or compete at a higher level of intensity via shorter window, and its affect will last longer durations of time. (Carry over principle)

How was the INERTIA WAVE (Met Con) created?2
The system was invented by Dave Parise CPT FPTA who wanted to develop the extreme- portable- tactile conditioning device for anyone who is looking to get the maximum resultant in an extremely short window of time. 3 Mr. Parise created the foundation of the INERTIA WAVE from the concept of a Wave Crest & Trough with oscillating patterns. The constant oscillation of these special tubes led him to create a series of 7- methods of use.


Research & development was used to come up with the INERTIA WAVE as part of a metabolic conditioning station.

This anchored patented rubber-like tubing device allows someone to progress properly through the 7- Methods of use.1

How long will the learning curve take?
You will immediately feel, enjoy and see the tremendous benefits of the INERTIA WAVE within 30 seconds. However, metabolic conditioning with the INERTIA WAVE is a missing link in training and will be challenging. With patience your kinesthetic awareness will adapt to the movement patterns.4

Why are there different patterns or 7-methods of use with INERTIA WAVE?
All 7- Methods IE: INERTIA WAVE – HERO WAVE- CROSSFIRE- DOUBLE OVER- THUNDER SLAM- SUPER TYPHOON- & OXYGEN THIEF all have different resultants / affects that effect energy systems. There is an obvious strength & endurance phase. All 7-Methods challenge all paths and planes of motion, while engaging local and global musculature. The greatest benefit is its cognitive properties. Athletes finally have to think about how to keep the energy with finesse moreover coordination (cognitive active control) in the elastomeres, as they go back to equilibrium, and transition to next Method of use.

The Benefits of the INERTIA WAVE TM

1- Anti-Flexion-strength-ABS

2- Anti-Extension- strength-ABS

3- Anti- Rotation- strength-ABS

4- Enhanced Dynamic Posture

5- Acceleration / Deceleration of musculature

6- Concentric / Eccentric patterns

7- Strengthens Dynamic Stabilizers

8- EPOC-Intense oxygen consumption pre- & post

9- Natural boost of HGH Human Growth Hormone

(Which is essential for optimal health, vigor, strength, boost *FAT loss, and muscle development.)

***Improved insulin sensitivity an average of 24%

  • 1-There are 7 exercise patterns called the Methods of use.
  • 2-Met Con is the abbreviation for Metabolic Conditioning
  • 3-Recommended 4- 3- minute bouts 4x per week- transitioning into all 7- methods of use
  • 4-Watch the methods of use video tutorial send to inbox after purchase.

Inertia Wave Team