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Upper & Lower Abs?

By February 1, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments
Look at the picture featured to the left of this Blog. Do you see its all one muscle? Its like thinking there a upper and lower bicep…funny right?

When performing some abdominal exercises, it often feels like the muscle is divided into an upper and lower section. Although the abdominal muscles have inter-segment nerve stimulation, you are not able to contract one section independent of the other. However, when you stabilize the hips and only lift the trunk, there is relatively more muscle shortening in the upper abdominal region which leads to greater muscle involvement in that region. (still not upper lower) In addition, the internal obliques are more involved in this torso lifting action…Conversely, when you perform reverse crunches (lifting the pelvis off the floor), there is more shortening in the lower region, challenging the lower abs relatively more than the upper abs as well as more involvement of the external obliques. HOWEVER THE UPPER DON’T SHUT OFF AND TAKE A COFFEE BREAK. They take on the first phase of shortening, as the entire muscle contracts. There are no upper and lower Abs…there are no exercises for lower abs, do not ask “then what do I do for lower abs? We train the region properly as I explained in my video posts, we lose the marketing hype that plays on your emotions. We all have a six pack or a wash board. The wash board is all covered with the laundry! That is all you can do…now if you want them to show…different dissertation. We start that conversation in your kitchen…or your head.

Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES