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Universal – How to Eat and Be Healthy complete!

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You’re going to love this club!

How to Eat & Be Healthy



A moment of insight; it’s worth a lifetime of experience!



Actually, it’s hard to get fat by eating too much. Think about it. We’ve all seen people who eat and eat and never gain weight- they seem to have a hollow leg. In fact, I’m willing to bet that every one of our clients can say “I used to be that way. “I could eat anything I wanted and I never gained weight.

We are born with built-in protective mechanisms that help us resist gaining weight. When we over eat. Body temperature rises, “insensible” exercise increases, fat burning enzyme activity increases and appetite decreases. Don’t jump to the conclusion that you can eat anything you want as long as you exercise. I didn’t say that did I? What I said was, exercise makes you resistant to gaining weight.

I won’t deny that the foods you choose play a role in whether you get fat or stay lean. But the tendency to get fat is not determined by the amount or quality of food you eat.

Why people gain weight…

Overweight people often blame their weight on their recent behavior (like eating too much) instead of looking back through the years for the reason. Getting fat is not a short-term process. It starts with a slowdown in metabolism caused by a decrease in the use of muscle. Obvious fat may not appear for five or ten years. If you gain weight more easily now than when you were young, it is because your muscles can no longer burn up all the calories you feed them. The ultimate control of metabolism is exercise. Exercise can change your metabolism in such a way that you become more and more resistant to gaining weight. Diet books that claim miracle insights into weight control are simply flat-out wrong. The control mechanism for obesity is not the diet, its muscle metabolism.




Dieting is quite useful for losing fat temporarily, but it doesn’t cure the tendency to get fat easily. We all know people who have lost weight by dieting, only to gain it back when they stop. This pattern is so well known that nutritionist jokingly call it the “rhythm method of girth control”. Even if you lose weight on a diet, you aren’t fixing the slow metabolism that makes you quickly gain weight again. Hint add more muscle!

When you put gas in your car, do you ask how much fuel your seats need? The fat on your body is like the seats in your car. Do you think fat seats are saying, Feed me, I’m hungry!”It’s not the seats that need fuel, it’s the engine. If you don’t exercise your muscles atrophy, meaning that your body’s engine shrinks. It’s as if you’d replaced your big, powerful engine with a smaller, fuel efficient engine. Now you don’t need as much fuel, so that extra food is made into fat seats! Some people get so out of shape that it’s as if they’d replaced their car engine with a lawn mower engine-and now they are towing a trailer.

People who fall for the con game -of the yo-yo diets- are like compulsive gamblers, sure that they found the secret for beating the odds. If you play the weight loss game by dieting you may get short-term results, but you won’t win in the end. You’re going up against thee house-metabolism- hopelessly trying for a big win- fast weight loss-against all odds. Diets are not the answer because they don’t improve metabolism. The only way to improve metabolism is to exercise. I wish I could get overweight people to stay away from diet books and friends who claim to have lost a lot of weight. A fat person should ask a fox, a deer or even the family dog how he to stays so skinny.

Never say “I have to go on a diet”

The over-weight person says, “I just can’t lose weight”. But when you ask the typical over-weight person if he has ever lost weight on a diet, he will tell you of the thirty pounds he /she lost on this diet and the twenty pounds he lost on that one. In fact, many of the people interviewed have lost thousands of pounds over the years! Yes, diets help people lose weight, but losing weight is not the basic problem. The problem is – gaining weight! Fat people gain weight easily and quickly, so before long they have more fat than they have just lost.

When you diet away your fat, you aren’t treating the real problem. After you finish the diet, you may have lost some fat, but you haven’t lost your tendency to get fat. You haven’t corrected the problem that makes you gain weight more easily than other people do. You are now skinny fat!




Overweight people who constantly diet should worry less about how to lose weight. Instead they should ask themselves, “Why do I gain weight” so easily”?

When a fit person eats 1,000 calories, all of them get burned, wasted, used up. When a fat person eats 1,000 calories, only some of them are used up, while the remainder is converted to fat. If the fat person adjusts his diet so he eats fewer calories, his body learns to function on still fewer. Again he is left with extra calories that will be stored as fat. But long term weight control requires a change in body chemistry so you won’t get fat all over again. Exercise (strength training) is the ONLY way to change your metabolism so that your body converts fewer calories to fat. I can help you with this. I will design a home or gym based workout for you! Comment and leave your contact info. You can also leave me a private message @ 203-675-5575

Body Fat Percentage… .

Men should be 14%-18%

Women should be 18%-23%

To be five or ten pounds overweight may seem normal, and all your slightly overweight friends may look normal, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy. Those friends are average, not healthy.

Why are women fatter?

The obvious answer is hormones. At puberty, boys and girls have approximately the same percentage of fat, around 14 – 17 percent. Then, when the female and male hormones kick in, big changes occur. Male hormones induce muscle growth while suppressing storage of fat. Female hormones stimulate the deposition of fat. (Most likely this is a safety mechanism so that a pregnant woman will have extra fat to nourish her baby, even if she can’t get enough calories to feed herself properly. The great news is this can be reversed by increasing muscle tissue.

People often ask if it’s okay to be a little fatter as you get older.

I’ll admit that it’s harder for older people to keep their fat percentage low. Many older people (65+) don’t exercise as vigorously as they did when they were young. They’re more likely to have down time because of injury or illness, and they recover slower. And as one ages some bone and muscle are lost, so that the nonfat part of the body shrinks. Here again, women are behind the eight ball. Most men don’t experience muscle and bone loss until their seventies, while women usually experience it ten to fifteen years earlier. Additionally, menopause speeds up bone loss. Women have to decide whether to take an estrogen replacement-which tends to add more fat or risk faster and greater diminishment of bone density. Given all of this, should men and women have higher fat percentages? The answer is a simple No!

Fat VS. Lean … .



Let’s drop the fat talk and instead talk about what’s left the lean part of our bodies. Now we see a big difference between men and women. Men have anywhere from twenty to forty more pounds of lean body mass, mainly muscle and bone, than women. And it’s the amount of lean (muscle) we have not the amount of fat that determines how easily we gain or lose weight.


When I talk “lean” I am thinking mostly about muscle because that’s the part that can be changed. Technically, lean body mass includes bones and other soft tissue, but those parts don’t have high metabolisms and can’t be changed very easily. Muscle, on the other hand, can be increased or decreased and can be trained to burn fat. The muscle on your body is similar to engines in your car. It’s the part of your body that uses your calories. Muscle, the underlying engine, burns most of the calories we eat. Because men’s engines are considerably bigger than women’s they can eat more without gaining weight. And, if they do gain weight, their bigger engines will burn off the excess fat more readily than a woman’s smaller engine.

While it’s fun to talk about how much fat we have, the significant number is how much lean do we have? That is what we need lean. The more muscle the more the caloric burn.


fat muscle

They weight exactly the same. Muscle does not weigh more than fat! Hey, what weights more 10 lbs of tar? or 10 lbs of feathers? Fat takes up more space in the body. If I have a wheel barrel 10 feet away with 50lbs of fat…it would spill over the sides, and make a mess on the floor. If it was 50 lbs of muscle, you and I would have to approach the barrel to see it! Get it?



Your correct weight… .

(For about a third of the people -) correct weight is much lower than what they think it should be. These are the “skinny fats” that have lost muscle over the years. (Liquid diets, fasting, no strength training less than 3x per week, skipping breakfast, yo-yo diets. Their present frames can’t afford to carry as much weight as they did in the past.

************* What is the cure************

Plant firmly in your head the fact that the problem is not excess fat; fat is only the outer most symptom. The real problem is the lack of Fat- burning muscle underneath the fat. As muscle gives way to fat, not only does muscle decrease, thereby lessening the need for calories, but also the chemistry of the remaining muscle changes in such a way as to require fewer calories. Dieting may decrease fat, but it cannot increase the amount of muscle or reverse the badly altered chemistry of the muscles. Additionally, dieting does nothing to improve the body shape. If a person was fat and a pear shaped before a diet, they will be skinny and a pear shaped afterward. Furthermore, your situation might actually worse; radical dieting, unbalanced dieting shots, liquid diets and fasting have been shown to decrease muscle mass while a person loses weight.

We have developed such a mania for losing weight that we overlook what the lost weight consists of. Suppose I were to call you on your cell with the exciting news that the local supermarket was selling twelve pounds for only $5.99! Your reaction would be, “Twelve pounds of what? Well, that’s what I ask when someone tells me of a terrific diet that guarantees you will lose twelve pounds in 10 weeks, or no time at all- twelve pounds of what? Unfortunately, while losing fat, you may also lose muscle, which decreases the need for calories and makes the problem worse. (Skinny-fat)

All of us think of someone we know who has gone on a diet only to end up looking gaunt and haggard. Compare over-eaters and under eaters to many people who have exercised their bodies to low fat levels. They are full-bodied, healthy individuals who lead active lives without being constantly concerned about the number of calories they eat. Exercise increases muscle, tones it alters its chemistry and increases the metabolic rate. All of these effects mean that you burn more calories even when you’re asleep.

The ultimate cure for fat is strength training exercise!

What kind of exercise… .

If you want to get fit, find a twelve year old kid, whatever he does – you do! They never stop to say, “Oh! I must do my jogging now!” or “I should go to my aerobics class now”. Exercising nonstop, trains muscles to burn fat, more important, they change your metabolism so you won’t get fat anymore. When you exercise to the point of breathing deeply -but not getting out of breath your muscles burn fat. Remember no less than 4 times per week. Less than that is hardly maintenance. Go to our how to section and see some great exercises!

Factoid: Muscles burn fat ONLY in the presence of oxygen… When you get out of breath, fat burning slows down.

Muscles burns two kinds of fuel-fat and sugar (glucose).They prefer to burn fat because it lasts a long time and produces lots of energy, but fat can’t be burned unless the muscles get oxygen. When muscles need quick energy, they switch to burning sugar. In contrast to fat, sugar/glucose can be burned without oxygen. When you run fast enough to get out of breath, your muscles are deprived of oxygen. It seems odd, doesn’t it? Even though you are breathing hard, the oxygen supply to the muscles isn’t sufficient for fat metabolism to continue. When there’s not enough oxygen for fat burning sugar-burning takes over. In reality, muscles burn fat and sugar at the same time, but they prefer to burn fat during gentle activity. In other words, hard out of breath exercise burns some fat, but it’s not the most efficient way to burn fat. There’s another aspect of aerobic exercise that is much more important than how much fat it burns while you’re doing it.

Aerobic exercise stimulates the growth of fat burning enzymes, so you tend to burn more fat even when you’re sitting around doing nothing. In other words, a fit person burns more fat -while he or she is resting-than an overweight person does. When you can exercise harder without getting out of breath, then you’re burning more fat. And, more important is that you’re making more fat burning enzymes, which means that you are slowly changing your body into a fat burning machine. You’re becoming a better butter burner! (Please don’t eat butter) You put less fat in, you have less fat on!

Become a fat-burningseal_fat animal!!












Oh stop posing!! Ego seal!


A really fit person can exercise for an hour a day when you reach that point where you can exercise for that long, you get the benefits that less fit people don’t enjoy one of them is sleep. Fit people sleep more deeply than overweight people. And, they go into REM-rapid eye movement or dreaming- sleep more easily. When you’re really fit, you sleep like a dog. How long does it take a dog to go into REM sleep? About forty seconds, right! He comes in makes thirty eight turns on the rug, and flops! He’s out. Pretty soon he’s snoring away with his hind legs kicking. Overweight people should make exercise the most important thing in their lives. They should exercise as often as they can. They should exercise two times a day, seven days a week. And, their exercise should always be gentle enough that they never get out of breath.

Don’t Diet… .

Americans seem to have a mania for counting calories and going on diets. Well, take heart. I never, never want you to diet! In practice, people need to make just one dietary change: eat less fat. If you don’t eat fat, you can eat a lot of food with out feeling deprived. You won’t feel as if you’re on a diet because you aren’t! Simply make the decision to not put grease on your food anymore. The simplest way to do that is to stop putting butter, margarine, mayonnaise or any other grease on top of your food. What a waste it is to start a good exercise program and then put a pat of oily, 100% vitamin-free grease on a piece of toast. There is enough fat in our foods without putting more fat on top of them. There are many ways to get fat out of your diet. However, to get started you don’t read any more books or go to any more seminars. To start getting fit while getting rid of your body fat, do the exercises I’ve described and avoid fat in your diet any way you can.

Eat frequently!







Diets mean deprivation. I want you to do just the opposite-eat often. Overweight people skip meals, fast, and try gimmicky diets, rapid weight loss,and liquid diets thinking that they will shed pounds. (Getting ready for a wedding, or cruise / vacation). But, in the end, all they do is train their bodies to exist on less and less food. Sorry they gain it all back and then some! If you want to train your body to be a fat burning machine, you should eat five to six times per day, selecting foods that are low in fat and choose the right kind of carbohydrate. Please Note! I didn’t say you should eat lots of food- just the right foods at the right times… more often.

Repeat to Yourself While Exercising

“I’m not burning a lot of calories while I’m exercising, but my body is changing into a better Fat- burning machine. The purpose of my exercise program is to change my chemistry.” How your body repairs changes, and improves after exercise is what matters most.

Weight Lifting…

In spite of this fact, plenty of people have lost body fat by weightlifting. How come? And why do I recommend it for weight loss? I have two reasons. First, weightlifting strengthens your muscles, so you can perform your aerobic exercises more intensely without becoming anaerobic. Think about what that means. Stronger muscles derived through anaerobic weightlifting let you burn more fat during aerobic exercise because you don’t get out of breath so quickly. Second, and more important, the recovery phase of weightlifting has a profound impact on the fat-burning enzymes. You may feel calm and relaxed after lifting weights, but your fat-burning enzymes are working like crazy to repair the damage. One of their biggest jobs is to replace the sugar that was used by the sugar-burning enzymes.

If you feel the burn, then your muscles are using sugar for fuel, not fat.

After exercise, the fat-burning enzymes burn fat to produce energy, which is then used by the muscles to store sugar. Our bodies break down fat supplies to build up to sugar supplies. Restoring sugar requires a lot of energy, which means that lots of calories are burned. And, all of this energy must be supplied by fat-burning enzymes. Now you can see why I want you to lift weights. When sugar is drained from a muscle (and the intensity of weightlifting quickly drains it), it’s up to that fat the fat-burning enzymes to see that the sugar is replenished. Fat isn’t burned during weightlifting, but a lot of fat is burned afterward. What I’m saying in about ten different ways is that weightlifting simulates metabolism and fat-burning.



EPOC stands for “Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption”



You have an after burn once exercise stops..that’s not a bad thing!


Fat is not burned during weightlifting.

But, lots of fat is burned during the recovery from weightlifting.

I gave you 2- charts hope you understand?




Spot reducing…

Next to quick weight -loss diets, spot reducing has to be the biggest rip-off foisted on the American public. Most of us laugh at those old-fashioned bumping and rolling devices that were supposed to jiggle the fat away. But I’ll bet almost every woman has been suckered into doing leg lifts, and butt blasting exercises to get rid butt and thigh fat, and every man has done sit-ups to work off his belly fat. I’m as guilty as anyone. I was starting to get a little roll around my midsection, so I did sit-ups – in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. I did more than three hundred sit-ups a day! My abdominal muscles got hard as rock, but the fat on top never moved. “Yep I have the wash-board… just left the laundry on top! “

Let me say it load and clear. YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE! You can’t work a specific muscle with the idea that the fat on top of the muscle will be burned off. Just because fat tends to collect in specific areas doesn’t mean working that area is going to dislodge it. In women, fat tends to be deposited in the upper thighs and buttocks; in men, it collects in the belly. But, the fat doesn’t “belong” to those areas. Exercising those muscles to lose the fat in those areas is silly. Fat is like blood. If you cut your finger, you don’t get finger blood.

The fat on your thighs isn’t thigh fat or cellulite -it’s fat!


The fat on your belly isn’t belly fat – its fat! Fat “belongs” to your entire body, to be used where ever and whenever it’s needed for fuel. When you jog, your muscles don’t say, “OH! She’s jogging; we’ll use her leg fat”. They say, “send me some fat- any kind, from anywhere.”

You may argue that spot reducing works because you’ve been doing leg raises for years and now legs much slimmer. Actually, the leg raises have made the muscles in your legs firmer, so the area looks less fat. You increased muscle rather than losing fat. The only way to burn off your thighs is to do whole-body, gentle aerobic exercise. Remember this sound bite… first place on last place off. We burn fat in the reverse order that we gain it!

If spot reducing worked, people who chew gum would have thin faces!


Are spot-reducing exercises worthless? Not at all! I highly recommend them – they are great for spot building! I don’t criticize the exercise; I criticize the people who label them spot reducing. Spot reducing, after all, is actually a mild form of weightlifting. The “burn” you feel during these exercises is an indication that you’re building muscle rather than burning fat. Note: Those side bends you see people doing with dumbbells… WOW talk about building a block waste… stay clear of those! I’m not against spot-reducing exercises. I just want you to get your head on straight about they really do. They shape muscle. They do not burn fat. They build, they don’t reduce. I can’t let a discussion of spot reducing end without some comment on cellulite. Cellulite is just plain fat deposited in areas where the skin and underlying support tissue tend to pucker and wrinkle. It isn’t a special kind of fat but rather a special kind of skin over the fat. Have you noticed that some very overweight women do not have cellulite? A woman can have very large legs that jiggle when she walks, yet her skin may be smooth and unwrinkled. Obviously, the wrinkled, puckered look of cellulite is not a measure of the quantity of fat in the legs. In fact, we sometimes see very thin women with lots of cellulite. The conclusion: cellulite is wrinkly skin, which, like stretch marks and scars, shows more on some women than on others. If you have cellulite, think not of losing fat but rather of tightening skin. Just as you pull up sagging pantyhose, you can also pull up the tops of your thighs and find that suddenly the cellulite is gone. A good way to tighten your skin is to build up the muscle underneath. I explained earlier that hamstring exercises and leg lifts do not spot reduce, but they DO bulk up muscles, which makes the skin tauter, thus helping to make the cellulite less obvious.

These are just the facts based on science and the body. We had to tell you this because we learn the hard way too! Remember you can’t change the way the body functions… however marketers can to increase sales of a product or idea.

HOW DO I GET TO WHERE I WANT TO BE – #1 Workout more than 3x per week!


  1. YOU MUST EAT EVERY 3 HOURS. (Five times a day is sufficient). These frequent meals are what will put your fat burning engine into high gear. It is the small, or no breakfast, then skipping meals throughout the day that suppresses your metabolism. If you do not put fuel in the car, it has nothing to burn. Eating three times per day or skipping meals will only slow your fat-burning process and promote the loss of lean body weight (LBW). Your body will actually eat away muscle tissue and store fat.


  1. YOU MUST PLAN. It is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Planning your meals will omit non-nutritious foods, and replace them with foods more conducive to your health goal. By planning, you make certain you will stay on a successful eating pattern.


  1. YOU MUST DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE. Incredible as it may seem, water is quite possibly the single most important factor in loosing weight and keeping it off. For less water retention and permanent weight loss, Results Plus recommends that you drink .65 fluid ounces multiplied by your current body weight. Here is why:


  • Water suppresses the appetite
  • Water helps your body metabolize fat cells
  • Kidneys cannot function without it
  • The more you drink the less you retain
  • Water helps maintain proper muscle tone
  • Water helps prevent sagging skin
  • Water helps rid the body of waste

  1. IF YOU USE THE SCALE YOU FAIL. Dramatic changes in body composition (your muscle to fat ratio) can occur without a drastic decrease in overall weight.


  1. YOU MUST TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION YOUR LIFESTYLE AND CURRENT HABITS. With our help, support, and recommendations, you will achieve increased self-awareness and modify your behavior.



We want you to utilize this information as a learning tool. We want you to think, because there are more than 30,000 diets registered in the U.S. Every time you turn around our minds are being flooded with more diets and gimmicks. We ingest too much confusion and therefore, we do not understand what it means to eat well. With all the fitness and diet guru’s bombarding us with a new fangled celebrity diets… the confusion and false hopes escalate to proportions that leave us with another failure. It is a way to brainwash us into thinking there is another way for a quick fix. This is an insult! In addition, I personally take that to heart, and so should you! Diets do not work period! Skipping meals make you FAT! This is why there is diet book after diet book and people are still searching for answers and are still struggling. The answer is not in the diet book but in you. God I love telling the TRUTH!

Think of this book, your chart, your guide to personal growth and excellence – the kind of growth you never believed possible. Watch our Eat Great in 8 videos. I and some special guest chefs will prepare extremely palatable meals for the busy moms, and business professionals.

At we intend to help you change how you think so you can change the way you act, so you can change your life for the better. We/I … really! We want you to care as well… not about us, about YOU! A positive way to enhance your life is open to you. You will not only grow yourself, but you will also show the people around you how they can grow, too. There is no limit, I assure you. You will learn how to increase your self-efficacy – your ability to make things happen – in all areas of your life.

Hope this helps… Let us know…

Dave Parise C.P.T FPTA MES

I am a Certified “Qualified” Professional Personal Trainer (Since 1986)

Hamden CT.

To assist in your food choices, and proper planning, offers added value to your experience. We would like you to determine your goal? I provide the education, and motivation to assist in your transformation.. If you choose- contact me or go to our store to see this service. I can design a 90-day pattern goal specific. I will send you private videos (Links from Vimeo) on specific exercises that are detrimental to your goal. I can provide a therapeutic corrective program that will alleviate joint and low back pain. We will chat via landline/cell. Text me @ 203-675-5575

Thank you for your trust in FMFC!