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I have yet to figure out why a manufacturer made this piece of equipment.


The elbow joint is limited and bio-mechanically inefficient when connected to this V-bar, or any V-bar of sorts. The shoulder joint protracts, internally rotates, and to make matters worse, you get that funky little wrist ulna radial deviation as your pull the rope all the way down to your side. Moreover, too many extraneous motions are not part of the goal. However, if you use double ropes it will correct this issue. We as professional must understand the common sense facts as presented in this course. We want you as the professional / or novice to remember: we did not say you can’t perform these exercises we deem dysfunctional, we are stating a fact, and now its your choice. There is no such thing as a wrong exercise. There are many exercises that the risk exceeds the benefit. – Its either your own thing, or factual data based on science. The choice is yours to figure out, we already decided!

Triceps; (Elbow extensions) these are non-sense ways to train your triceps- The risk exceeds the benefit. I personally would never perform these movements with any human being regardless of their present condition or fitness goal.

Dave Parise #Fitnessfixer