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Stuffing? What Stuffing?

By November 23, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

  • Side Note: The 50-Burpees on my chart are my version seen @
  • They are NOT the regular “Face plant, sway back, jump up, land on toes version you see most trainers doing with thier clients”
  • Here’s my chart to give you an example of what activities are needed to BURN OFF the extra stuffing! Let’s start by gathering those family members who are physically active. GO FOR A WALK AROUND THE BLOCK 3 TIMES.

Then on Friday get back to the gym-

Try a fast on Friday for 24 hours (Tea, water, detox tea,) are my favorites (Never fast more than 24 hours) I do this 1x per week.

Or… Do 45 minutes of non-stop cardio prior to your strength training workout

Or…A Medium Intensity Training program (MIT) Start with an 8- minute warm-up your choice…followed by a 1.5 minute bout of INTENSITY! The tools you use 1- Battling ropes, 2- On your knees ball slams followed by 10 bridges. 3- Jump Rope 4- Fast Feet (up up-down down) on a step as fast as you can.

After the 1.5 minute MIT cardio bout do 25 bridges (On your back) or hold a plank hold as you catch your wind. REPEAT THIS FOR 15 MINUTES

Do this as you assess your perceived rate of exertion. Never go beyond the “I can’t say my full name and address” Or… “I am winded on a scale of 9 out of 10- I feel dizzy, light headed” If so S T O P and lay down with your legs off the ground resting on a chair, bench, or ball. DEEP BELLY BREATHS until you lower your heart rate.

#Fixmyfitnessclub way to assure “Thanksgiving? what Thanksgiving!!!

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