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The Importance of following a plan- (Let’s make this simple)

By Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES

While muscle strengthening exercises are crucial for overall health, they really are only responsible for about 30 percent of the lean body benefits. Seventy percent is related to the foods you eat. Diet and exercise do go hand in hand; you need both to optimize results. But if you’re going to put your focus on one or the other, then diet is actually the most important. The underlying muscle that you train will be more prominent, and hard (if it giggles its fat) when you choose to follow a plan.

Three Protein meals (see choices below) averaging 25-30 grams, (starting with breakfast) along with a low-carbohydrate choice (see choices below) accompanying those meals have been repeatedly shown to be the most effective both for muscle building and fat loss. The other two fill in meals, or snacks are less than 150 calories. This is only related to regulating blood sugar levels; do not think it increases metabolic rates. The muscle does that! (That’s why we workout)

Amino acids (found in complete proteins) are the building blocks of your muscles, but certain amino acids, such as leucine, can also signal genes in your muscle to grow and build protein, and they do that even during times of food deprivation as long as these amino acids are circulating through your blood stream.

Hence, there are two primary factors involved in effective fitness nutrition (regardless of your age):

Whey protein is an ideal “fitness food” especially a grass fed, or natural brand. As whey contains not only high quality protein, but also extremely high amounts of leucine. We need to use food to build muscle and improve our overall health, and for muscle building in particular. Why muscle? We want as much active muscle as possible (muscles are fat burning engines- it’s actually where the fat is burned… inside the muscle.

Ideally, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the proper combinations of both, as timing of exercise and meals, and the types of exercise and foods you choose can have a profound impact on the health benefits you receive. If you are not finding a satisfaction in your present overall health or cosmetic “look” than you are not following a plan (sorry) truth hurts. If you leave the house (Monday-Friday) empty handed you will be just as frustrated prior to reading this.

Quick Tip: H2O

I want you to take your current scale weight, and multiply it by .65 The sum of that equation is the amount of water- plain water- you need to drink daily. This is by far the most important on this program.


NOW let’s talk food choices:

My carb list: If it’s not on the list, we don’t eat it…

Yams, baked,

Sweet Potato, baked,

Brown rice- boiled, or instant (choice)

Cream of rice- boiled, this cooks quick

#1 choice- Quinoa- (keem-wa) Cook like brown rice

Gluten free rolled oats (red mill) do not cook

All items above are pre-cooked to assure the meals are available during office hours, or travel.

(Please see the spice recommendations to add to these foods)

Request this to be emailed to you…

My Highly Recommended Vegetables

Asparagus Escarole

Avocado (actually a fruit)


Beet greens Green and red cabbage

Bok Choy Kale

Broccoli Brussels sprouts Lettuce: romaine, red leaf, green leaf

Cauliflower Mustard greens

Celery Onions

Chicory Parsley Peppers: red, green, yellow and hot

Chives Tomatoes

Collard greens Turnips

Cucumbers Spinach

Dandelion greens Zucchini


My protein list-

Wild Alaskan salmon

Wild caught any white fish

Scallops, Shrimp

Turkey breast (not deli) – broiled grilled, baked, (boiled if you want to get serious)

Chicken breasts- (not deli) – broiled grilled, baked, (boiled if you want to get serious)

93% lean ground turkey

85% lean ground turkey

Lean ground beef-

Flank steak

Tuna packed in water

Sardines packed in water

Free range eggs / whites

Whey protein

Pea protein

Egg protein

I call this my snack list-

Avocado, MCT oil,

Coconut oil (we add this to foods)

4 table spoons of oatmeal, teaspoon of coconut oil, scoop of Whey protein, and splash of water… mix

Cream of rice (same as above recipe)

Cashews, almonds

Cucumbers, baby carrots

4- Squares of 85% dark chocolate

Protein drink

Coconut water

Peppers any color dipped in fat free hummus


This list is designed for the first 10 lbs, or to decrease inflammation, bloat, distention, and toxins. The presence of toxins, or inflammation will inhibit your ability to utilize ‘FAT’ as a fuel to be burned.




Dave Parise CPT MES FPTA