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Intermittent Fasting Break the Fast

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Fix my Fitness Club Fix my Fitness Club at times will showcase club members! Maren Reed asks a great question. This is our Blog section- please check out the How-to section to see all the workouts, and ways to transform your body without the hype, and the stress! You only know what you know. So go for the GOLD!

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I believe everyone is always looking for the quick fix, magic pill to transform their current shape. The majority do not want to address the underlying concern of why they can’t plan or eat regular, frequent, whole nutrient dense meals. That is why most ask the question –WHAT SHOULD I EAT? Did you ever notice no one asks “HOW SHOULD I EAT? Hence why it’s a billion $$$ industry. Our bodies are very different, and should be addressed as such. Do you really think if your friend gets amazing results with the new fad diet plan you will too? If that was a fact there would be (1) one diet!! l know many of you read many studies on intermittent fasting, I have too. Did you ever do research on the person who did the research? What organization is spitting out this garbage? How much are they getting paid? I have followed these so called researchers and the majority are getting commissioned to write what they are told to write. Here’s an analogy of how our industry works: I personally know the guy who invented the butt blaster machine in the mid 90’s. All his studies conclusively showed how the glutes were involved with the path of motion. Years later the new studies came out and put them out of business- there was more force generated in the knee on the ground pad, then the butt itself! The Butt Blaster never went into hip extension concentrically to ever work the butt!! However you felt it- NO you felt the stress in your hips! Today most studies have concluded so convincingly regards to the dangers and false information regarding intermittent fasting. One in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found for women, alternate-day fasting could actually lower glucose tolerance and potentially crash your metabolism. Its short lived and the rebound effect is detrimental to future weight loss.


Women in another study published in that same journal experienced some benefits when they ate just one meal a day, yet they also had significantly increased hunger, blood pressure, and total, LDL-, and HDL-cholesterol concentrations. Those and other problems coupled with most subjects gaining weight during alternate-day fasting led me to conclude that, far from being a safe anything! Ask your self this- are you going to follow this for the rest of your life? Is this addressing anything but laziness? These are five detrimental consequences of intermittent fasting: You will create or exacerbate eating disorders. People rarely discuss this, but at its most extreme, intermittent fasting binge-and-purge mentality could trigger or exacerbate bulimia and other eating disorders. The “anything goes” mentality some experts permit during the feeding state could lead someone to overeat, creating guilt, shame, and other problems that only become worse over time. For someone with emotional or psychological eating this will become a vicious cycle of disappointment, you don’t see the long term negatives. You only read about how it worked for your friend via post on social media. Please do not think because they are shredded or ripped that its a cure all. Did you ever notice after a contest the competitor gains 10-22 lbs within three weeks post stage? I do believe it will work in its first several weeks along with eating only bananas.

fit-monkey-must-watch-659 Fixmyfitnessclub Monkey performs perfect push-up after eating 10 bananas!

You may always ask why it may work for others. I say “Does it work for others”? Yes short term as you rebound and get fattened up for round two! God knows TRUTH , you only know what you know- Thats why I am your #FitnessFixer at #DaveParise CPT FPTA MES

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