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Fat burning requires 28-35 mini meals per week!

By March 23, 2016December 2nd, 2023No Comments

Fat burning requires 28-35 mini meals per week


1. I have always preached that your best partner for exercise is proper nutrition.

2. The worst partner would be medical weight loss liquid diets (muscle loss, water loss, lowers metabolism, decrease in using fat as a fuel, fat regained once back to “normal” solid foods).

3. Break-the-fast. Always have breakfast. It jumpstart’s your fat burning engines (most important meal of the day!)

4. Drink my fat burning hydration formula- .55x current scale weight= the amount of spring/filtered water you need per day in ounces. The more you drink the more “retained” you lose, and the tighter the skin. AVOID all soft drinks and juices.

5. Insulin is not your friend when you can’t control it. Regulate fat storage by never skipping meals. You must “graze” every 2.5 to 3 hours. The key is to keep blood sugar level stable between 80mg/dl and 120mg/dl. When you skip you increase fat storing enzymes!

6. Stop eating all white refined foods like bread, bagels, rice, sugar, cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream, crackers, chips, white flour, processed and fried foods, these foods are negative nutrients and aid to a poor body composition ( soft bloated appearance) eat soft and you will be soft! TRUTH

7. Increase protein. Have protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will keep you in a positive nitrogen balance which is responsible for the texture of your muscles (density / hardness) you may know this as “toned”. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue.

8. Back to grazing. Remember those in between fat burning / blood sugar stabilizing mini meals. Just enough to help blood sugar regulate, get out of starvation mode (body slows fat burning abilities when you skip meals) Remember if your never hungry chances are your metabolism is sluggish.

9. Make sure the largest meal of the day is not dinner. The reason for this is because you have starved yourself all day! To eat right is all about thinking, planning, preparing, not grabbing! Pass on the office snacks.

10. A great nights rest will make all the difference in the way your body reacts to exercise and healthy eating. The average should be seven hours to be a muscle building fat burning machine!

Dave Parise CPT MES FPTA #FitnessFixer