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Alcohol and Fat Burning

By December 28, 2015December 2nd, 2023No Comments

Today I am pouring you an info-tini cocktail.

Here is the skinny on everything you need to know in regards to alcohol consumption. After sipping on this “info tini” you may want to reconsider just how many more you want to pour!

Alcohol and Fat Burning…

Daily alcohol consumption will slow or stop your results. I use the word daily because as I said in my last article one glass of wine is fine. When you belly up to the bar with that T.G.I.F. attitude THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK more than two drinks. I am referring to any liquor with a greater than 70% proof alcohol rating. Your liver can’t metabolize alcohol and fat at the same time. It will always get rid of the toxic substance (alcohol) first. That means that as long as there’s alcohol in your system you won’t be burning any body fat. If you have less than three drinks, you might stall your fat loss for a few hours. If you have quite a few drinks, ( three to five it might be as long as four days before you’re metabolizing fat again.

Drinking also dehydrates you, raises cortisol levels (goodbye muscle tone), raises estrogen levels (hello hips and lower pouch), lowers inhibitions (pizza, chocolate anyone?). Combine that with the fact that alcohol promotes abdominal fat storage (of all places!) and it’s really not worth it, not if you’re serious about making a major transformation in your health and general appearance. Men with the “Dunlap” disease get into the gym or better yet hire a” qualified” professional. Ladies go on a tropical vacation, without the tropical drinks, exercise! Sip your drinks make them last, and have two glasses of water between your limited alcoholic beverages or there will be no special date with a little black or red dress. The truth that is self evident and we all need to understand the damage we are doing to ourselves for many days, just for a few hours of indulgence. Play Smart.


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