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Training for athletic performance has evolved considerably over the last 1/2 century. As a former NFLer (Miami Dolphins 1982-3) who lived through the archaic high-risk years of "benching and squatting" and as a present day sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, I know the toll inappropriate training can have on the human body. Fast forward to 2012 and cutting edge athletic training is radically different from the past. Training techniques are intimately coupled to risk benefit analysis in order to help athletes get strong, fast and stay safe.

A well-conditioned, buffed athlete on the verge of injury is exactly what we are trying to avoid. And this is the perfect segue for me to introduce Dave Parise, an experienced strength and conditioning trainer who I have known professionally for over 20 years. Dave is the antithesis to the "bench, clean and squat" trainers of the years past. He is meticulous in his attention to training techniques and a staunch believer in applying risk benefit analysis to the goals of individual athletes. Maintaining flexibility while improving ballistic strength and reaction time is his forte. And he does this while keeping athletes free from training related injuries.

I have lectured as a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon at Dave's Training Center and I have trained with Dave on many occasions. I have also seen his expertise work with athletes rehabilitating from orthopedic surgery. Dave is one of those unique trainers who believes in efficient, safe training and has the science background to use state of the art techniques to back up his recommendations. I believe Dave's expertise and people skills would work well for professional athletes.

Richard Diana, M.D., Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists
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