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Fix My Fitness Club is more than just another fitness website – it’s a step-by-step guide to your brand new body, and the way you do exercise. Join Dave Parise Certified  personal trainer voted one of the most influential personal trainers in the world, as he applies FACT and SCIENCE to your daily routine to give you better workout through weekly instructional videos.

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The “Why Not’s”
What you’re doing wrong.

You will learn in detail which exercises and fitness programs are setting you up for failure, are putting your health in danger, or are just plain wasting  your time and energy.

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The “How-To’s”
How to do it right.

Once you learn what not to do, you will then learn how to do those exercises correctly to optimize your results and keep you injury-free. There’s no hype – just science and facts.

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“Eat Great in 8”
Fast and healthy cooking videos.

Continue your fitness journey into the kitchen and learn how to make delicious healthy meals in 8-minutes or less. You don’t have to be a chef to transform your body.

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Kat Rubio

I'm also the most requested trainer at my gum and have been given all of the clients that need specialized attention -- sciatica, joint problems, obese, nerve damage, slipped disks, you name it -- because I'm the only one qualified to work effectively and safely with these populations. The managers don't trust the other trainers with these "high-risk" clients. 3 people (and counting) have requested me personally as their trainer, and I'm starting to build a base of private clients as well all thanks to knowing the science of exercise and shying away from the sensation-based programs!... Read More
Kat Rubio

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