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By November 19, 2017Fitness Blog
1-The Inertia Wave is a light weight (don’t let that fool you) portable or stationary tactile MetaBolic conditioning device.
2- I needed a way to make it portable, lightweight, weighing only 2.1 lbs.
3- MetCon MetaBolic or HIIT conditioning is the optimal way to provide intense caloric burn in a very short window of time (1-minute)
High intensity interval training (HIIT)
4- What is it? It’s a special composite of elastomer comprised of a (patented) water and protein combination to give it its indestructible coating, and elastic properties.
5- It’s greatest benefit is it provides motivation because today’s cardio vascular choices are boring & time is a factor.
In regards to Battling ropes, let’s not compare they are 2- totally different animals, although they may look like cousins.
One has torque and tension, and it mostly Anaerobic. Provides risk of shoulder and wrists, and it’s muscled through different paths that pull you anteriorly.
The other Inertia wave minimizes the risk of injury and provides a form of non-impact resistance profiles through a 7- Method oscillating wave pattern. The Inertia wave engages all posterior musculature which provides a stronger foundation to exert force from.
Also, what people have never been told, and coaches and trainers know is this fact:
*******To obtain any benefits from Battling ropes they should be a minimum of 50 feet. The short 25 foot ropes you see at your fitness center are there to avoid liability. They often get tripped on, and are not used properly by trainers. There no continuous wave benefit is a short rope. Battle ropes are DEAD energy going into the floor! The 50 ft ropes cost between $129.00 and $200.00
The Inertia Wave is light weight 2.1 lbs, and has additional benefits over the battling ropes. Cognitively providing and utilizing all energy systems as it engages all local (inner) and Global outer musculature to provide a framework of structural integrity. We now can fire a cannon out of a canoe. (so to speak) The IW retails for 114.95 
I hope this simplified the curiosity….

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