Customized Full Body Workout Programs


I will upload a private link to youtube for you! Watch me as I train you in the gym! No joke I go step by step pairing specific exercises. I literally show you what to do at the gym, and how. This program was $1,100.00 now $395.00!

I used to think the heavier the weight, and longer I worked out the better the results! NOT! If you are serious about your body, blood work, heart health and performance here is what I will offer.

30 Years of being a fitness consultant (Science Geek) I have produced over 100 full body workout programs, 50 home based programs, and numerous stretching programs. These videos take 4-6 hours to film, 2 hours to edit, and 1 day to upload.

This is serious, there’s only one way to train specific body regions outside of the marketing in this “uneducated overzealous coaches” and “everyone’s a trainer” world. It’s NOT my way it’s the bodies way – they call it – The specific finite functions of the human anatomy system. YouTube, magazines, and endorsed athletes changed anatomy based on the way it feels…this screwed up the system. So if you don’t want an exercise influenced by emotions or a sensation, then take me to your screen with 30 years of education…I will not disappoint! #ParisePromise #FitnessFixer

If you purchase, Email me prior to purchase. I will send you a form to fill out first- this is personal. I then will chat with you on Voxer (It’s a free walkie talkie- I send it to you) you will have the videos sent to you via private link on YouTube.


Average time: 1 full hour | 1 payment of $375.00


Average time: 28 minutes | 1 payment of $99.00


Average time: 25 minutes | 1 payment of $55.00


Average time: 20 minutes | 1 payment of $275.00
Alleviate and control sciatica, nerve damage, radiated pain, disk herniation
I will include my story of being wheel chair bound for 23 days April 2015 (Blog)

Looking for a payment plan? Contact me first at and we can discuss.


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